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Foskus (which stands for "Foundation of Support for Kenyans in the US) is a non-profit membership-based advocacy and representation  foundation that  extends financial assistance to Kenyans living in the the US, during times of need. 

Foskus was established to support and invest in Kenyans that live in the US, in order to ease financial strain during times of  unexpected hardships.  The foundation steps in to offer a hand of support during times of loss of a loved one, sickness, illness or encounters with legal issues that require financial intervention . 

It is also a go-to resource for Kenyans that need help with planning for events like "harambees" and other forms of fund-raising activities.

The finances availed to the families or individuals in need are not in any way intended to fulfill all the financial needs, nor can they necessarily cover all the costs accrued or incurred. Any funds given to the qualifying applicant members are simply a gesture of support.


The Foskus Foundation accomplishes this by working together with registered members through memberships, partners and donors.

Foskus believes that intervening in times of need for our people provides an opportunity for fellow Kenyans to cope much more easily with disaster for both the families here in the , U.S. as well as back in Kenya. 


We are aware that there are many challenges facing the Kenyan community in America, and the foundation  aims at addressing some of these life occurrences, as well as strengthening the fabric of the Kenyan community around the US.


The Foskus Foundation hopes to empower Kenyan immigrants to integrate socially, retract economically during difficult times  and  build stronger connections.


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