What Foskus does

To achieve our goals, the Foskus Foundation offers finances to qualifying applicants only in the following instances:

1. In case of sickness or illness 

Foskus assists members with financial help only in cases where the sickness or illness is attributed to: 

-the member himself /herself

-the parent(s) of a Foskus member

-a member's legal son or daughter

-a member's brother or sister.

All applications must be accompanied by proof  of doctor's /hospital visits or hospitalization documentation. All documents are subject to verification. 

2. When faced with legal issues 

Foskus offers financial help to assist in legal issues to its registered members in the following instances:

- Immigration related arrests

- Traffic infractions

- Bonds

Foskus does not offer financial assistance in cases involving DUI, divorce, criminal arrests, change of immigration status or filing for immigration related documents. 

All applications must be accompanied by relevant documentation.

3. In the event of death 

Foskus gives assitants to its members or to their families when death has occurred in the case of;

​-a Foskus member 

-a parent of a member 

​- a legal son /daughter of a member;

- Blood sister or brother of a member

Please note that members of the extended family, friends or acquaintances do not qualify for financial assistance.

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